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Rescue [orchestra] - FULL SET

SKU: EH0014B
  • Rescue

    for orchestra

    [2020, rev. 2022]


    E.K.R. Hammell


    Commissioned by the Kingston Youth Orchestra and the Kingston Symphony Association on the Anniversary of the Youth Orchestra's 50th year. Premiered May 24th 2022, Kingston ON Canada. Hugh Johnston, conductor.





    EH0014 - Rescue - PREVIEW PDF



    -PDF Full Set (Conductor's Score & All Parts)

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    difficulty / grade:

    medium-hard / 3.0-3.5



    3.5 mins



    2-2-2-2 | 2-2-2-1 | 3Perc | Strings

    (more instrumentation details below...)

    • Flute 1 / 2
    • Oboe 1 / 2
    • Clarinet in Bb 1 / 2 (Cl. in A transp. also available)
    • Bassoon 1 / 2 (Bb Treble Clef transp. also available)
    • Alto Sax in Eb* (opt./supporting)
    • Tenor Sax in Bb* (opt./supporting)
    • Horn in F 1 / 2
    • Trumpet in Bb 1 / 2
    • Trombone 1 / 2
    • Tuba / Trombone 3 (opt. octave displacements)
    • Percussionists** 1 / 2 / 3
      • 1st: triangle, 2 timpani
      • 2nd: glockenspiel, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal
      • 3rd: bass drum, tambourine
    • Strings
      • Violin 1
      • Violin 2
      • Viola
      • Violin 3*** (Viola part in treble clef)
      • Violoncello
      • Contrabass

    *Saxophone parts are optional and exist to support the traditional orchestral instruments, particularly Horns (absent at premiere).

    **Percussion parts are planned with the intention of being playable by individual percussionists. A specific setup may be required for each part in order to achieve this.

    ***Viola part is available in Treble Clef (“Violin 3”). At occasional points where the part is too low for violins, alternate notes are provided, while the original Viola notes are indicated (as small noteheads) in the Violoncello part.


    program notes:

    RESCUE was commissioned in 2019 on the occasion of the Kingston Youth Orchestra’s 50th anniversary. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the premiere was postponed until May 24th 2022, two years to the day after the initially planned premiere date.

    Despite taking what might be considered as a fairly familiar musical impression of fantastical adventure and heroism, the inspiration behind RESCUE is a bit more grounded in everyday reality.

    At its heart, this piece is for young people, about young people.

    In our youth we often rely on people close to us to rescue us from moments of distress, often going completely unnoticed by most of the outside world. Additionally, our youth is a period when we develop the ability to see beyond our immediate surroundings and serve a purpose greater than ourselves.

    RESCUE is a celebration of this exciting, tumultuous time in our lives and everything that becomes of it.

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