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-transcription/“lifting” of music from an audio recording or video without pre-existing notation, and notating it in fully realized score & parts notation, lead sheets, and/or piano vocal charts.

-transposition of pre-existing sheet music/scores/parts from one key or tonal centre to another.

-full score assembly from music that currently only exists as individual parts, .xml files, MIDI, etc.

-part extraction & creation from music that currently only exists as a full score.

-formatting, general editing & cleanup of scores, parts, and sheet music that currently exist as handwritten manuscript, PDF files, Sibelius files, Finale files, .xml files, etc.

-full music preparation: from sketch to studio-ready, performance ready scores & parts

-orchestration/re-orchestration: taking a piece of music or song designed to be performed by a specific group of instruments, and then adapting it to be playable by a different group of instruments.

-arranging/composition: devising transitions, key changes, additional bars of music (ie. for a dance sequence), and more.


Evan is one of the most versatile and efficient up-and-coming music engravers working in Canada today. He is frequently called upon by a variety of music industry professionals for a vast array of demanding, time-sensitive music preparation projects.



Poorly prepared sheet music results in endless frustration and wasted rehearsal time.

-Mismatched bar numbers

-Collisions on the page

-Unclear indications

-Transposing instruments forgotten

-Uncertain entrances after long bars rest

-Disastrous page turns

-Nonsensical drumset/percussion parts

-the list goes on and on...

Well-engraved, stylistically informed notation, from an experienced specialist,

can save invaluable (and valuable!) time

so you can focus on making music.


Bob Foster music director @ Mirvish Productions, Charlottetown Festival

Larysa Kuzmenko composer & lecturer @ University of Toronto

Andrew Chan harpist & owner @ Harps on the Hill

Mark Ramsay conductor & artistic director @ Exultate Chamber Singers


Evan’s experience, knowledge of conventions for different instruments & styles, and keen ears & eyes for musical detail are key to what sets him apart. He has worked in the varied musical contexts of Bollywood, experimental/avant-garde, film music, folk, hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, latin, pop, rock, and Western classical/contemporary music, and has engraved lyrics in English, French, German, Hindi (phonetic) and Ukrainian (Cyrillic & phonetic). Rates are  negotiable depending on the project.

Let's chat about your next project.

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