A Winter Dawn (choir version) [SCORE]

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  • A Winter Dawn

    for SATB chorus a cappella (with divisi)



    Premiered by That Choir. Craig Pike, artistic director. Featured work: That Choir Fall 2017 New Works Development Program. Toronto ON Canada


    text by L.M. Montgomery

    music by E.K.R. Hammell



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    4 mins




    program notes:

    A Winter Dawn is a piece for a cappella SATB chorus composed as a musical response to the poem of the same name by L.M. Montgomery (1874-1942). It attempts to use musical ideas in a way that evokes feelings of both physical and spiritual awakening, amidst imagery of snow, wind, and sky.



    L.M. Montgomery (1874-1942)

    A Winter Dawn

    Above the marge of night a star still shines,
    And on the frosty hills the sombre pines
    Harbour an eerie wind that crooneth low
    Over the glimmering wastes of virgin snow.

    Through the pale arch of orient the morn
    Comes in a milk-white splendor newly-born,
    A sword of crimson cuts in twain the gray
    Banners of shadow hosts, and lo, the day!


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