You Wave [SATB choir] - SCORE

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  • You Wave

    for SATB chorus & piano

    [2019, rev. 2020]


    text by Emily Sanford

    music by E.K.R. Hammell


    Commissioned by Exultate Chamber Singers. Mark Ramsay, artistic director. Premiered May 24th 2019, Toronto ON Canada.

    Other known performances:

    • 13 May 2022 | Exultate Chamber Singers, dir. Mark Ramsay | Toronto ON Canada
    • 23 May 2022 | Exultate Chamber Singers (@ PODIUM 2022), dir. Mark Ramsay | Toronto ON Canada
    • TBA Aug 2022 | MSC Sehnsucht, dir. Kai Leung | Toronto ON Canada
    • TBA Fall 2022 | Exultate Chamber Singers, dir. Mark Ramsay |ALBUM RECORDING RELEASE




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    EH0012A - You Wave - Preview Score PDF



    *revised edition audio coming soon*

    Premiere version recording: Listen Here



    5 mins


    Medium - Hard


    program notes:

    You Wave is a piece about memory. Fragmented piano gestures underlie a gently lilting vocal melody, intending to illustrate nostalgic—yet imperfect—images of a unique moment in time. The lulling motion of the tide ebbs and flows in an almost seamless exchange with the feelings of the narrator as they recall this deep, shared personal experience with a special individual.




    (Reproduced with permission from the author:)


    You Wave

    by Emily Sanford


    Come slowly to sit with me on the shore
    look out at the horizon
    the dazzling motion of waves—


    light dapples watercrests
    in shimmerings that trick the eye.
    You wave,


    pause, bend
    for beach glass, saltwater
    tumbled, bit of frost.


    It seems like the summer
    you were here,


    Waves, one by one, slow,
    tumultuous and cumulative.
    Tidal flow—


    rising water, I know—
    you wave.
    I always know you’re here
                                                and feel you go.


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