Songs from the Aviary [soprano & piano] - SCORE

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  • Songs from the Aviary

    song set for soprano & piano

    [2019, rev. 2020]

    text by A.E. Wetherald

    music by E.K.R. Hammell

    Commissioned and premiered by Clarisse Annette Tonigussi, soprano.

    WINNER: Oscar Bookbinder Composition Competition (Solo/Duet Category) - Kiwanis Festival of Guelph

    known performances include:
    -Rhian Merritt (Toronto, Canada)
    -Shannon Scales (PEI, Canada)
    -Kathryn Rose Johnston (Toronto, Canada)
    -Clarisse Tonigussi (Toronto, Canada)



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    preview score:

    EH0009A - Songs from the Aviary - Preview Score PDF




    vocal range:




    6 songs, ca. 10 mins total




    program notes:

    Songs from the Aviary is a song set comprised of several brief, yet distinct musical images of birds depicted in the poetry of Canadian poet, A.E. Wetherald (1857-1940).

    Wetherald’s poems seem to evoke miniature scenes in which intense, fleeting moods suddenly arise from a brief shared moment she may have had with a particular bird. These intense, short bursts of character and personality are what I tried to highlight when creating these six songs.

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