Spring [SATB choir] - SCORE

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  • Spring

    for SATB chorus & piano



    text by Janet Mason

    music by E.K.R. Hammell


    Commissioned by Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. Elaine Choi, music director. In honour of chorister, Janet Mason. Premiered 2 Jun 2019.

    Additional known performances:

    • 20 Oct 2019 | University of Toronto SA & TB Choruses, dir. Elaine Choi | Toronto ON Canada
    • 20 Jun 2020 (online) | Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Choir, dir. Elaine Choi | Toronto ON Canada
    • 27 Mar 2022 | Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Choir, dir. Elaine Choi | Toronto ON Canada




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    preview score:

    EH0011A - Spring - Preview Score PDF





    2 mins




    program notes:

    This piece is meant to evoke visions of flourishing and blossoming flora (the piano part), over which the singers soar blissfully above. It is a setting of the poem of the same name by Janet Mason, and was commissioned in her honour by the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Choir in Toronto, of which she has been a chorister for several decades.



    Janet Mason


    The radiance of Spring awakens
    The warmth and tenderness of life.
    Buds and greening fill the eye.
    With joy we feast upon thy splendour.
    Our lives they are renewed, restored
    And our souls they are refreshed,
    But that we could forever dwell
    In the springtime of thy world.


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