Stardust Dunes [SCORE]

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  • Stardust Dunes

    for wind band



    by E.K.R. Hammell



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    preview score:

    *coming soon*



    *coming soon*





    5 min.



    Fl.1/2 – Ob.  – Bsn. – BbCl.1/2/3 – Bs.Cl. – A.Sax.1/2 – T.Sax. – B.Sax. – BbTpt.1/2/3 – FHn.1/2 – Tbn.1/2/3 – Euph.(BC/TC) – Tba. – Str.Bs. – Perc. 1/2/3/4 (timpani - mark tree - bass drum - glockenspiel - tamtam - vibraphone - suspended cymbal - triangle)


    program notes:

    Stardust Dunes explores a moment in time, on a crystal-clear night, on a solitary walk at one of my favourite beaches on Prince Edward Island.

    Waves ebbed calmly, yet persistently. Being the tail end of the Perseid Meteor Shower, an occasional shooting star arced overhead. One such shooting star appeared so close and so bright that it lit up the beach in a flash of brilliant white light, disappearing from view into the darkness of the dunes. 

    This piece uses music in a way that attempts to draw a link between the awe-inspiring physical world we inhabit with the spiritual realm found within.

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