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Stardust Dunes [wind band] - PDF FULL SET

SKU: EH0013B
  • Stardust Dunes

    for wind band

    [2019, rev. 2022, pub. 2023]


    E.K.R. Hammell


    Premiered by Arizona State University Maroon & Gold Band, dir. Dylan Maddix. Tempe AZ USA, 2022 Oct 04.



    -PDF Full Set (Conductor's Score & All Parts)

    -Available in electronic/PDF format only. 

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    -ADDITIONAL SCORES (BAND/ORCHESTRA): A purchase of one (1) Full Set will grant the user printing/copying permissions for one (1) score. To acquire printing/copying permissions (and therefore print Additional Scores) at a 50% discount, please use the custom discount code provided to you when you receive your initial order. 

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    preview score:

    EH0013 - Stardust Dunes - PERUSAL SCORE PDF





    Medium / gr 3.0-3.5



    5 min.



    Picc. - Fl.1/2 – Ob. – Bsn. – BbCl.1/2/3 – Bs.Cl. – A.Sax.1/2 – T.Sax. – B.Sax. – BbTpt.1/2/3 – FHn.1/2 – Tbn.1/2/3 – Euph.(BC/TC) – Tba. – Cb. – Perc. 1/2/3/4 (timpani - mark tree - bass drum - glockenspiel - tamtam - vibraphone - suspended cymbal - triangle)


    program notes:

    Stardust Dunes depicts a moment in time on a crystal-clear night during the Perseid Meteor Shower, at one of my favourite beaches on Prince Edward Island. The waves ebbed calmly, yet persistently. Occasionally, shooting stars arced overhead, one of which appeared so close and so bright that it seemed to light up the entire beach in a flash of brilliant white light, disappearing from view as quickly as it appeared into the darkness of the sand dunes.

    Drawing from my experience that night, and building upon imagery of sand, sea, and space, this piece was written as an attempt to explore the spiritual link between ourselves and the awe-inspiring physical world we inhabit.


    known performances:

    • 2023 Aug 03 | CF Music Training Centre Band, dir. Luca Peveroni | Borden ON Canada *Canadian Premiere*
    • 2022 Oct 04 | Arizona State University Maroon & Gold Band, dir. Dylan Maddix | Tempe AZ USA *World Premiere*
  • Conductor’s Scores for large ensemble works (wind band, orchestra, etc.) published by E.K.R. HAMMELL MUSIC are optimized for 11x14 printing.

    IDEAL SCORE PREPARATION (send your large ensemble Conductor’s Score PDF to a print shop with the following specifications for best results):

    -Fit all pages to 11”x14” 


    -Interior pages: B&W on 70lb opaque/matte paper

    -No page additions needed

    -Coil-bound OR saddle-stitch spine (cheaper)

    -Covers (OPTIONAL) : colour on white card stock (Collector Covers can be found as separate 2-page PDF attachments sent with your initial order)


    If 11x14 printing size is not available to the purchaser, this sizing scales down fairly well to either 9x12 (a common concert band score size) or 8.5x11 (standard US Letter). This can be accomplished by selecting “Fit Pages” or “Fit to Printable Area” in your computer’s printing specifications window. Avoid using the “Shrink oversized pages” option, as this will not appropriately re-format the smaller text-based pages of the booklet (which are set to 8.5x11).

    NOTE: Scaling down to 8.5x11 is not recommended for large ensemble scores (due to legibility concerns), but if it is your only option, it will work! In any case, make sure to select “Fit Pages” or “Fit to Printable Area” before printing the booklet.

    NOTE - Collector Covers (colour) are sent in separate PDFs and may be added to (/merged with) any B&W print score optionally.

    Parts published by E.K.R. HAMMELL MUSIC are optimized for 8.5x11 (standard US Letter size) printing. Every attempt is made to create manageable page turns at the end of every part page, with the goal of being equally suited for different reading formats (single-sided printing, double-sided printing, or tablet).

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